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What secrets are hidden in escape room games in Zagreb and who managed to escape?


Public or private bookings

All over Europe it’s common for escape rooms to have private bookings. The same is in Croatia and Zagreb. There’s no public booking at all, so you and your team can have the game for yourselves to enjoy.


In most escape rooms in Zagreb you will be charged by the number of players. Prices range from 10€ to 20€ per player depending on how big is your team (bigger team = lower price per player), and escape room you chose.


Usually payment is made with cash at the arrival. In some escape rooms in Zagreb you can pay with credit/debit card or PayPal. Make sure to check payment options before making a reservation.


You’ll have to be pretty lucky to get a game slot just by walking in from the street. Usually escape rooms in Zagreb work only when they have booked games, so don’t be surprised to find them closed. Make a reservation in advance. At most escape rooms you can make an online reservation for the same day, and for bookings within a couple of hours you should call first.


You are safe! Only a few escape rooms still lock the room once players enter, but in most places the doors are only closed, and not locked. In all escape rooms in Zagreb you are monitored by video and/or audio surveillance so you can feel safe.


Zagreb has some gooood games! As a player I must say that some of the best games I played all around Europe are located right here in Zagreb. runs a monthly survey and ranks escape rooms from all around the world, and some Zagreb’s escape rooms are month after month in the BEST 100 ESCAPE ROOMS IN THE WORLD. You can check the monthly rankings here.